Lp. Data publikacji Nazwa Pobierz
1 2018-12-03 Metabolic parameters in young turkeys fed diets with different inclusion levels of copper nanoparticles. pobierz
2 2018-11-23 Redox and immunological status of turkeys fed diets with different levels and sources of copper* pobierz
3 2018-11-15 Effect of Dietary Crude Protein Level and Supplemental Herbal Extract Blend on Selected Blood Variables in Broiler Chickens Vaccinated against Coccidiosis pobierz
4 2018-08-13 Effect of copper nanoparticles on the mineral content of tissues and droppings, and growth of chickens. pobierz
5 2018-07-31 The effect of manganese nanoparticles on apoptosis and on redox and immune status in the tissues of young turkeys. pobierz
6 2018-06-19 The activity of glycosidases in turkey muscles as influenced by the form and level of Cu, Zn, Mn dietary supplementation* pobierz
7 2018-05-25 The effect of raw and fermented rapeseed cake on the metabolic parameters, immune status, and intestinal morphology of turkeys. pobierz
8 2018-05-11 The Effect of Different Levels of Cu, Zn and Mn Nanoparticles in Hen Turkey Diet on the Activity of Aminopeptidases pobierz
9 2018-01-17 Effect of copper nanoparticles and copper sulphate on metabolic rate and development of broiler embryos pobierz
10 2017-12-01 The effect of administration of copper nanoparticles to chickens in their drinking water on the immune and antioxidant status of the blood. pobierz
11 2017-10-05 Copper nanoparticles as an alternative feed additive in poultry diet: a review. pobierz
12 2017-06-05 Effect of copper nanoparticles administered in ovo on the activity of proliferating cells and on the resistance of femoral bones in broiler chickens. pobierz
13 2017-04-28 Effect of different levels of copper nanoparticles and copper sulphate on performance, metabolism and blood biochemical profiles in broiler chicken. pobierz
14 2017-04-21 The effect of increased crude protein level and/or dietary supplementation with herbal extract blend on the performance of chickens vaccinated against coccidiosis. pobierz
15 2015-03-03 Nanoparticles of Copper Stimulate Angiogenesis at Systemic and Molecular Level. pobierz